This is a selective list of publications. A comprehensive bibliography up to 1996, compiled by Meg Duff, can be found in David Thistlewood (ed.), Barbara Hepworth Reconsidered, Liverpool University Press, 1996.

Catalogues of the sculpture

  • J.P. Hodin, Barbara Hepworth, with a catalogue of sculptures by Alan Bowness, London and Neuchâtel, 1961. Editions in English, French and German
  • Alan Bowness (ed.), The Complete Sculpture of Barbara Hepworth 1960–69, London, 1971

Tate Archive's set of Hepworth's sculpture records (1925–75) can be viewed here


  • William Gibson, Barbara Hepworth: Sculptress, London, 1946
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  • Barbara Hepworth, A Pictorial Autobiography, Bath, 1970; revised 1978 (now published by Tate Publishing)
  • Barbara Hepworth: a Guide to the Tate Gallery Collection at London and St Ives, Cornwall, introduction by David Fraser Jenkins, London, 1982
  • Margaret Gardiner, Barbara Hepworth: a Memoir, Edinburgh, 1982; reprinted 1994
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  • Barbara Hepworth and the Yorkshire Landscape: An anthology of her writings and recollections, compiled by Sophie Bowness, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2003
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  • Nathaniel Hepburn, Barbara Hepworth: The Hospital Drawings, London, 2012 (Tate Publishing). A comprehensive account of this series of works made by Hepworth in 1947-9, derived from observation in operating theatres in Exeter and London
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  • Sophie Bowness, Barbara Hepworth: The Sculptor in the Studio, London, 2017 (Tate Publishing)

Exhibition catalogues

For a full list of exhibition catalogues see Past exhibitions.

The following exhibition catalogues are particularly important:

  • Barbara Hepworth: Retrospective Exhibition 1927–1954, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, 1954
  • Barbara Hepworth, Tate Gallery, London, 1968
  • Barbara Hepworth: A Retrospective, by Penelope Curtis and Alan G. Wilkinson, Tate Gallery Liverpool, Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, and Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 1994–5
  • Barbara Hepworth: Centenary, ed. by Chris Stephens, Tate St Ives and Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2003
  • Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern World, ed. by Penelope Curtis and Chris Stephens, Tate Britain, London, Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo, Netherlands, and Arp Museum, Rolandseck, Germany, 2015–16


Films on Hepworth


Figures in a Landscape: Cornwall and the Sculpture of Barbara Hepworth, written, directed and photographed by Dudley Shaw Ashton for the British Film Institute. Words by Jacquetta Hawkes, spoken by Cecil Day Lewis. Music by Priaulx Rainier


Why Cornwall? A programme in the BBC series Monitor, 14 August 1958, including Hepworth.


Barbara Hepworth, directed by John Read for the BBC. This can be viewed on the BBC Archive website.


Barbara Hepworth, Westward TV, produced and directed by Derek Fairhead. Available, with the original musical soundtrack, on DVD from South West Film and Television Archive, Plymouth –


Barbara Hepworth at the Tate, made by the British Film Institute for the Arts Council of Great Britain, directed by Bruce Beresford. Filmed at Hepworth's Tate retrospective in 1968


The Art of Barbara Hepworth, made by Illuminations. Available on DVD from


Imagine: Barbara Hepworth, BBC1 film in the Imagine series


Hepworth, made by Unity House for Sky Arts

Many of these films can be viewed in the Tate Library.